Sunday, December 8, 2013

November Limit - A Juneau Duck Hunt

In early November we had a nice high tide coupled with a storm blowing through so a friend and I headed out to the flats and had a great hunt. When we reached our spot and started setting up, my buddy realized he was missing his wind duck so he headed back to locate it along the trail. The tide was flooding in and the wind and rain blowing so the birds were really moving around. 

Set up and watching the tide roll in.
The action was so fast that I had 4 birds before he returned from his decoy hunt. Once he got back to the blind he started getting some shooting, but he was having some major jamming issues with his Mossberg 935 auto-loader. At first we thought it was the older shells he was shooting but even a brand new box of 3-1/2" Winchesters would jamb him up every time. At one point after jamming on the first shot and with more birds pouring in, I just handed him my loaded Remington 870. I had 6 birds by that point, so shooting a single shot was fine by me. My 870 doesn't shoot 3-1/2's so it was fun to have some extra fire power. My last bird was a nice Widgeon outside of my usual range. 

My first birds of the hunt; a Widgeon and a Pintail.
We kept hunting until the tide receded to the point that our decoys were high and dry and called it a day. My buddy didn't round out a limit but he still scratched out 5 birds. I was fortunate to shoot my first limit of the season; 5 Widgeon, a Pintail and a Teal.

My limit for the day; 5 Widgeon, a Pintail and a Teal.

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