Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snowy Vancouver Goose Hunt


This season has been usually dry and clear, making hunting difficult. When we finally had some snow move through I was excited to have some friends who were ready and willing to join me. We headed out and were please to see all the birds moving. The wind never really picked up liked I'd hoped it would but when I walked down the the slough to let the dog run off some energy, a flock of geese got up near by and headed right towards our spread. It's been several years since we've shot a goose, so this was a great thing. Shots rang and one Vancouver Canada Goose fell. This was their first goose, so we were all pretty pleased with the hunt. I say "their" first goose because no one was quite sure who shot it.

The happy hunters with their first goose
We didn't have any duck action so we called it a day and headed home. We decided to pluck the goose and try smoking it so we heated up some water on a crab cooker and scalded it, then plucked it. It worked quite well. No word on how the smoking went though.
The plucked goose, waiting to be rinsed then into the smoker


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